Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Special Delivery: Stress

I came home from work on Friday to a special delivery.

My apartment complex called me up at work, informing me that two packages had come for me.

Since I had ordered two skirts (which are fabulous in real life!!), I figured they each arrived at the same time. Sweet!

However, they arrived with a friend.

I opened up the first package and it was the two skirts that I had ordered--together.

My delight was greeted with sudden curiosity.

"What did 'bonus package' have in it?" I wondered. "A treat?"

No. It had responsibility.

It was someone else's order. A violet swimsuit waiting to head to its destined home in Columbus, Ohio, to Taryn B. The package had erroneously been sent my-a-way.*

My immediate reaction was "Uh-oh! They sent it to me by mistake. Sillies! Surely the company will fix this!"

Then I realized, the company likely have no idea, and it is up to me to fix this mess. Taryn B. is in need of her vintage-inspired purple product, and must unknowingly rely on a fellow consumer with plucky enthusiasm to make things right.

After calling the company, they told me how to get a free return label on their Website with no shipping cost to me. I'll package the suit up and should be able to get it shipped out this week. Then, it's up to the company to get it to the proper owner.

I can only wish Taryn B. luck.

Have you been saddled with this responsibility before? How did you handle it?

*Without naming names, some people in my life are trying to get me to just keep it. Bad role models.

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