Friday, July 2, 2010

Dress, or Repress?

Because I keep my promises, and because I recently received my Shabby Apple order (thanks for all your guidance, readers!)*, I am in the mood to talk dresses.

I seriously love them. Growing up, I was a little bit of a tomboy, and if I hadn't been in Little Hoopsters and received all those white T-shirts, I don't know what I would have worn to school.

But now, I wear dresses whenever I can, especially at events where people give me that concerned face that says, "Hmm, I'm not as dressed up as her--am I missing something?"

Why you ask? Well, you had to know that I would answer you in list form!

Dresses rock because:

a) They are the skirt and beyond: A dress is a skirt plus a top--you get all the benefits of wearing a skirt, yet you have limitless possibilities for tops (sleeveless, blousey, multi-colored, etc.) Did you hear that? LIMITLESS!

b) They are classic: You know all those outfits your grandma claims were her favorite, that she took such good care of, and that lasted for three decades? Yeah, those were all dresses.

c) They're occasional: I don't mean infrequent. I mean that for the big moments in your life, it's a dress that gets the job done. Prom: dress. Wedding: dress. Afternoon tea: dress (and fabulous hat!)

d) They are it: I know that like me, you have struggled--nay, agonized!--about trying to match the darned (but very cute) skirt with something in your closet. And, sometimes, you are just not up for the challenge. Ergo, dress. It comes with a top--attached! The dress eases an aching brain, and for that, I love it.**

And now--that's right--the linkadees to my favorites. The most fabulous dresses on the internet (at least for this week):

The Basics
Cute for the office

The Colorful
Blue and loving it
Fifties with flair
Let in the sunshine

The Food-Related
Pistachio ice cream, huh?
I think when you wear this dress, you have to eat cupcakes. With sprinkles.

Just Plain Fun
Safari vs. urban jungle

Anyone think of any other attributes of dresses that make them extra awesome?

I do not receive any compensation from any of the retailers featured in this post.

*Yes, I know I need to upload some photos soon, and a photo of the dress will be included. It looks pretty much like the ad, except for being life-size.

**I am counting a) and d) as totally different things. I do not want to hear any complaints.

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