Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogging With a Side of Catsup

Welcome to my first themed week of blogging!

By opening this page, you have invited yourself into a week of adventure, romance and mystery!

Bet you didn't know what you were getting into.

The blog theme this week will be...FOOD!*

I will be discussing various food topics this week that have been on my mind and part of my life.

Recently, I have come across more people who choose to blog about food full time. While I might spend a whole lot of my time thinking about food, and part of my time writing about food, I don't know if I could make food blogging my job.

But when you have such passion for food, I guess you can't not share it with the world. That's why I really enjoy reading and following blogs of multiple food perspectives, like...


Smitten Kitchen


Kelly the Kitchen Kop**

and the local TasteFresno

I hope this week you do find the adventure, romance and mystery you unexpectedly stumbled upon here. You may also find a recipe or two you like, or a blog you'd like to follow.

Just make sure to chew before swallowing.

*You can pretend to be surprised if you want, but I'm not hurt if you weren't.

**Don't be upset with the misspelling of "cop." It took me some time to get over, but the site is definitely worth a visit and your forgiveness.

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