Thursday, July 15, 2010

French Failure

So, I think this might be failure week.

I was planning on having a French-themed week soon to give me a chance to talk about the beauty, the culture and the country that has entrapped the world's sense of romance. Good times, I thought.

Alas, because I didn't look at my calendar ahead of time, I have missed the perfect opportunity to share such a week.

Chalk that up to busy married life I guess. I really need to get on the ball.

Having totally missed Bastille Day, I am going to try to give you an idea of why France is in my top five places I'd like to visit list. And since I am doing this on an equally important French holiday,* I know you will enjoy.

The French live in a country full of history, and, in particular, religious history (which is a big plus for me). My first stop would be here, followed by this place. Wouldn't it be cool to swim in the healing waters of Lourdes?

The French get to eat great food. They also get to have great food named after them--and drinks, too! They also don't gain any weight from eating said food, which makes me quite jealous indeed. At least we can eat off of something like this, and if you live in Fresno you can eat here or here.

The French sleep a certain way and exercise a certain way--and it's all better than how America does it! Their fashion history is unparalleled** (although we can try to dress as well as they do), and their musicians (though lived through tragedy), were awesome.

Honestly, even their homes look better than ours.

While they may have a distaste for others, and some Americans (and English) say we are justified in a distaste for them, the French, the English and the Americans can all agree on this.

See, wasn't that fun? Sorry again that I missed the opportunity to make it more politically meaningful for you.

You now have two missions: 1) find me a personal assistant that can keep me abreast of the calendar, since I seem to be unable to do so on my own, and 2) go have yourself some eclairs!

*The Ides of July, natch. Who says the Romans are the only ones who can celebrate the middle of the month?

**I had too many Chanel links to fit into the post; find more fun info here and here.


  1. I wish I could eat Nutella all day and not get fat. That's it. I'm moving to Paris. It's true that you can't gain weight there (unless you're American, I bet)!

  2. Haha, seriously! Nutella is the BEST! I've been eating it on Sea Salt and Vinegar chips in secret, and It. Is. Awesome. That's high-class cuisine like the French eat, right?