Monday, January 31, 2011

"Ooops" Doesn't Cover it

So, remember when I told you guys I was definitely not perfect?

Nothing's changed.

Me and my blog here have been imperfect in very different ways. Me, I am neglecting my laundry RIGHT NOW. My blog, though, has been neglecting to man-up and share the wonderful comments you all have left for me with me.

Deal with it blog. Those belong to both of us.

I gave my blog a stern talking-to and made it sit in the corner for five minutes to think about what it has done. Now we're best friends.

I have now, finally, fixed the comment problem. And, I have discovered that Heather from A Warrior Surviving Life has nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award. I feel quite undeserving at the moment, but I am super thankful that she thought of me!

So, now I have the job of sharing 7 things about myself. Eh-hem:

1. I really like to cook. Like, Stepford Wife status.
2. I have a weird and unnatural devotion to a room filled with candlelight.
3. Upon organizing my closet, I realized I don't own anything yellow.
4. My favorite personal features are my eyes and my hands.
5. My secret indulgence is eating sea salt and vinegar potato chips with Nutella while shamefully hiding in my pantry.
6. I am afraid of dogs. I am fairly certain your dog will not be the one to cure me.
7. Um...I'm neglecting my laundry....

And, tag, you're it! (a.k.a. It would be cool if you want to play, but here are 15 blogs that are all really different that I like)

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30 for 30: The Swag

The jig is up. Time to show my hand. Et Cetera. Other gangster phrases.

The point is, it's revelation time. Time to reveal the thirty items I've selected from my closet to be part of the 30 for 30 challenge. Remember, for the next thirty days, I can only wear outfits that include at least one item from my 30 for 30 list. I must, or I sleep with the fishes.

Here they are:

(Oh, and I pinky-promise to iron everything)

These three shirts...

...and these three shirts.

These three tops...

...these five sweaters...

...and these two jackets.

These three pants...

...these two skirts...

...and these two skirts.

These three dresses.

And lastly, these four pairs of shoes.

OK, Off to the races. Ready, Set, Go! Et Cetera. Other racing phrases.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 30 for 30 Challenge

I have been in need of a challenge lately. Sure, I have recently started school, which will definitely keep me busy, but I haven't done too much in the way of trying to beat a challenge.

(Cue "challenge" music, which sounds a lot like the Rocky score because, hey, I'm no composer. If you think of better music, let me know)

Me and this here blog will be participating in a challenge dubbed by one of my favorite fashion bloggers as the "30 for 30."

The favorite blogger? Kendi from Kendi Everyday. She mixes perfectly-timed dry humor into her quest for what-the-heck-to-wear-today, and I freakin' love it. She always has an idea or two that inspire my own wardrobe (when I'm trying). She's also inspiring me to find a new, creative name for my blog, but one thing at a time. You should check her out.

The 30 for 30? You can read about it here, but the idea is you pick 30 items from your closet (shirts, bottoms, shoes, etc.) and remix them for the next 30 days. You should include a few items that you haven't worn in a while or that you always wear in the same outfit. It forces you to branch out.

The catch(es)? 1) You must wear* at least one item from the 30 for 30 for the next thirty days, and 2) You cannot go shopping. These are catches that you think will be no sweat until they happen. Then they are extremely painful. Except for your wallet, your closet, and probably other inanimate objects, like your car.

The 30 items from my closet? They are on their way! Check back in this week to find out what (totally basic) items from my own (mish-mash of a) closet I've picked for the (make an amazing wardrobe out of nothing) challenge, a.k.a. the 30 for 30.

So, what do you think? Is this going to be an interesting challenge? Too easy? If you tried it, could you succeed? Do you want to try it along with me? Am I asking too many questions?

*For some reason, in this blog post I kept wanting to write the word "where" for wear. Am I in the right place? Are you trying to tell me something, subconscious?


Friday, January 21, 2011

My Own 12 Step Program

It's been a while since I've done an official "Fashion Friday" post on this "blog*," but I figured when I set to a certain task this week that it would be the perfect band-aid for the wound that is the temporarily-but-quite-noticeably-absent feature. I know I've missed it, and we're not all that different, you and me.

About now, everybody is all gung-ho about resolutions. Well, those that don't give up their resolutions on January 4th around dessert time are still gung-ho. Good for you, endure-ers. I know you all are so glad I shared some of my resolutions, but one that wasn't shared but should have been is cleaning out my disastrous excuse for a closet.

Look at it, people. This is what I would wake up to every day. This is where I hoped the appropriate outfit would just leap out of that poorly-lit closet and give me a big morning hug. Alas, never did this happen.

So, I had to organize it. While I am what many consider to be an organized person, this personality trait hadn't made its way into my closet. Call it prioritizing. Call it being busy with other things. Heck, call it plain being messy.

No longer.

Ta-da! (Are your eyes watering, because I know mine are)

How did it happen? How can you make it happen? Will your life be better afterward?

To question #3, YES! To questions #1 and #2, get to reading:

Jennifer's 12 Steps to Having a Better Closet, and Thus a Better Life:

1) Open the closet door, turn on the lights, and accept that things are a total mess. Only berate yourself for about 30 seconds.

2) Make yourself a White Russian so you can properly cope with the closet.

3) Take all your shoes out of the closet. This makes reaching everything else so much easier, which will make you less frustrated during this task.

4) DO NOT TAKE ANY CLOTHES OUT OF YOUR CLOSET YET. (I feel this is truly the secret to getting this done for real).

5) While keeping all clothes in the closet, organize everything you own by color and length. All of the shirts go from lights to darks, and all of your longer items like coats or dresses do the same (wherever they fit in the closet, that is).

6) Relish that a color-coordinated closet looks organized, even if it isn't. Sip your White Russian satisfactorily.

7) Now you can start taking out some clothes: Starting from the lights and moving toward the darks, take out the items that you a) haven't worn in a while, b) aren't sure if they fit, or c) don't care for anymore. I find it's easier sort through your white T-shirts when you know exactly how many white T-shirts you have because they are all sitting right next to the other white T-shirts. Please note that I only have one white T-shirt and used that for example only.

8) Depending on how you feel about the particular piece in your hands, you can try it on if you think you will wear it (really, I mean it: don't go kidding yourself).

9) If you don't care for the piece, I'm a big fan of either finding something new to do with it (e.g. dye it, tailor it, etc.) or donating it. Someone out there can use your clothes.

10) Try on any questionable shoes, like those you haven't worn in a while because they are out of season, or because you secretly hate them because while they are very cute they hurt your feet like crazy. Resist the temptation to keep them because they go with that one skirt from that one time.

11) Return your shoes to the closet in whatever manner you prefer (me, I like using a shoe rack).

12) Put all of your donated clothes into bags whilst both marveling at your accomplishment and finishing your White Russian.

At least that's how I do it; do you have a better strategy?

And how do you like Fashion Friday's return? Happiness, yes?

*And, actually, I'm considering a special theme for the blog in February to make up for the oh-so-many times I've missed a Fashion Friday Blog. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Proclamations (That Pretty Much Only Mean Something To Me)

I'm gonna be bold and say that the Banana Republic outlet store in Tulare is better than the Banana Republic store in Fresno. It's bigger, the selection is more varied, and everything is affordable. I heart it.

That is all.

Feel free to go back to your normal Monday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Aging Gracefully

Yesterday I ran some errands, which included a stop at the grocery store. I picked up the normal stuff, and I also happened get some alcohol. No big deal.

When I got to the register, the cashier wanted to check my ID for the alcohol. I opened up my wallet to the clear-screened flap where my driver's license sits. The problem with my wallet, though, is that it blocks part of my birthday. Month and day are clear as, well, day, but you can't see any of the year printed on the ID. The wallet block it.

I run into this problem everywhere, and waiters or cashiers always ask me to take my ID out so they can make sure things are cool. However, instead of asking my to take my ID out of the wallet to make sure I wasn't a lying, underage sneak, this cashier decided to guess.

Yeah, guess. (That's professional)


He guessed 4 years before I was actually born.

I think both the 24-year-old version of Jen and the 28-year-old version of Jen are both still too young to be really offended, but I can't help but be concerned that on my thirtieth birthday, I'm going to look 45.

Anyone have any consoling words?

Monday, January 10, 2011


With the new year, and a different state (in more ways than one) than where I started last year, I figured I was one of those people who should make some New Year's resolutions.

I guess "those people" are those who have habits they would rather leave behind, or have made the decision to work harder, or to make themselves better. "Those people" sound like good company to me.

So here we go.

-Try to keep on a schedule: You know how other people make New Year's resolutions, like, I dunno, on New Year's Day, and not on January 10? Yeah, this is why this needs to be your first resolution for 2011. Use your planner, Jennifer. It is your friend. No more holiday-induced procrastinating.

-Remember to wear your glasses while reading and on the computer: Um, please excuse me for a second....


-Be healthier: Take your vitamins. Avoid foods and drinks with unpronounceable ingredients. Get over the idea that you would rather stick your hands in hot soup than floss your teeth.

-Dress purposefully and unregrettably...: Do your hair more often. Iron your clothes. Break out of the jeans rut you are in. When buying new clothing, make sure it will last, and that you will love it for many years to come. Always ask, "Would Grace Kelly wear this?"

-...but take it easy: Stay on your budget. Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco. You, however, are saving up for some big ticket items.

-Give your blog the time it deserves: Remember why you started this blog? You wanted to remember these times, good or bad. You wanted a place to comment on your interests. You have a lot to say. You love saying it. Do yourself the favor and WRITE IT DOWN. You may have other regrets, but don't make one of them forgetting to blog about your memories.

-Spend more time with important people: Family and friends mean the world to you,* so you want to make sure you spend as much time as you can with them. If you keep your scheduling resolution, this should be no problem.

-Do not take out your own struggles on the person nearest you: Remember that you have a new team member, and you both have the same goals. Make it up to Stephen by apologizing more, in general. And by cooking more delicious dinners.

-Pray a whole lot more, and make your faith a bigger priority: This will help with many things (these resolutions being among those things).

-Give things a shot, and be more open to new possibilities.

With that last one, it's finally time I shared on the blog a new adventure: I am going back to school. After graduating a couple years ago, and nearly swearing that I would ne'er return, I am headed back to Fresno City College to begin earning a paralegal certificate. It's a two year program, but I am going to take this first semester to see what I think of the legal field, how that fits into my own goals, and praying that God will guide me to follow His plan for me.

Oh, and it starts today.

I guess my last resolution should be, "Never say never."

What are your resolutions for this new year?

*I hope you all know that. I love you!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas, New Year's and Other Events

Happy 2011 blog readers! I hope that your Christmas was fabulous, your New Year's was spectacular, and that you're not done celebrating either of them. Mine were quite nice; how was yours?

On Christmas Eve, we had our annual Feast of Seven Fishes. We only had Five Fishes present, but we made sure to overeat on them all, so everything balanced out.

On Christmas Day we got to go to Mass, hang out with family, and help Stephen's grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Definitely a huge milestone, and a worthwhile goal for those of us who only have 59-and-a-half years to go.

My birthday was a nice relaxing day with family, and trying to detox all of the yummy but somewhat regrettable eating decisions from the previous, like, month. I'm pretty sure you spent my birthday doing the same thing, and that you didn't even know we were celebrating together. Surprise!

New Year's Eve and Day we hung out with family, watched movies, and played some video games (well, I mostly watched people play video games). I have some resolutions I'll share soon.

Then, Stephen and I had the anniversary of our first date--6 years.

By the time that rolled around, though, we were exhausted. However, we remembered that we wouldn't have been as exhausted this season if we had never met.


OK, I'm headed back to sleep now.