Friday, July 16, 2010

Hats Off

That's right folks: the intuition that tells you my cheesy title reflects what I'm going to talk about today is spot on!

I have the smartest readers around.

I think that the dissolution of hats in modern society is a huge bummer for us all.* Not a generation ago, hats were a staple of everyday life, making their way into the urban, suburban and rural communities. The farm worker and the president each relied on the hat for their jobs.

Now that is breaking down barriers.

But just look at what the world is like now: Fashion suffers because there are fewer accessorizing options. Our hair gets bleached. The sun gets in your eyes.

It's nearly tragic.

Since I love me some vintage styling, I have linked you to some fine vintage-based modern options (other than a baseball cap when you're dashing off to a haircut) to help repair the void hat-absence has left. Here's a brief list of generally enjoyable head gear**:

Hat 1

Hat 2

Hat 3

Hat 4

And here's a vintage video with some of the stars of yesteryear wearing their millinery best. It's pretty fun.

Have a hat-full weekend in the heat!

P.S. I'm not alone!

*Stephanie, we need to "bring hats back!" (*snickers*)

**No, not that type of head gear. Sorry to give you scary orthodontist flashbacks.

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