Monday, June 20, 2011

Learn From Me

Learn from me, the online shopper who has learned herself a valuable lesson:

I do love online shopping, but pressing "Submit" for that online traffic school and infraction total was a hard pill to swallow.

Guess I'm shopping bargain bins for at least...when is Christmas?

I guess there's always Ebay, an admittedly addictive lifeline for the bargain hunter, or a crazy bride.

The point is, do not wear your lead-filled shoes while driving, no matter how fabulous they look on top of those pedals.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

March? April? I Dunno...

I was just trotting along, living life, when all of a sudden, it was a month since I last wrote up anything on my blog.

There is no reason this should be the case, especially since I finished up school and have "tons of time on my hands" (or so one of my old professors claimed summer allowed).

Here's what's up:

-I went to go see Wicked in...March? April? I dunno. I was really good, and the actors are all very talented. Although I don't have pictures from the show (that's illegal, yo), I do have pictures of our seats.

Row six.


-I have started doing some work with my Dad, doing administrative and other work for his new accounting partnership. I started this in...March? April? I dunno. Anyway, I am still doing it and it's nice. I think we work well together, and I think I am helping him out in his new office. I also seem to be doing a lot of thinking, which is good because in summertime and 102-degree weather, I am notorious for not thinking.

-On June 1 (and 2), I had my first blogaversary. I totally forgot to get you anything. However, I'm gonna guess you forgot, too. How about as a gift, I write more? Yes, we like that? Cool. I also think I will be adding some new features to the blog, to keep it fresh for all of us. What? You double like that? Sweet.

-Stephen and I celebrated our own anniversary on May 1. We made it to our first of many more years of marriage. Woo! To celebrate, Stephen took me here.

Note: Several people have showed concern that for our anniversary my husband gave me weapon lessons, but I wanted to learn it, and to try something new. And you know what? Guns are terrifyingly loud and explode with a fireball out of the end when you fire them. Guns are real.*

-Oh, and my gift to Stephen for our anniversary was fencing lessons. Come August, we will be the best sword fighters this side of Pirates of the Caribbean.

*I am seriously not condoning or condemning gun use. This blog is neutral about pretty much all gun laws and in no way advocates having, not having, using, or not using a gun. Should you be around a gun, practice extreme caution. I do not recommend using a gun if not trained. Guns really can hurt and kill people, and neither of those is cool (or legal).**

**I figured this needed to be said.