Monday, July 5, 2010

Sick, But In Love With Glasses

Today I am feeling a little under the weather. I don't know if partying for America hit us all a little too hard yesterday, but today definitely feels like a day of recovery. Instead of a new post, I will share my current video obsession.

The Girls With Glasses Show looks like the cutest new show to grace Webisode nation, and I seriously get giddy every time I hear their promo with theme song (poor Stephen is also familiar with their theme song, but against his will). A few critics have cited that the show is perfect for smart women, without being all negative. The Girls explain it themselves much better in the "Get Smart" section of their site.

While it's still in development, I can tell by perusing their Website that I will be setting aside as much time as necessary to watch it. I think I most agree with the critic that says "I kind of want to be them." This show is going to be a huge hit with me.

So, if you care to share in the joy, for at least two minutes, take a look at the video below.*

Tell me you don't love this.

*Yes, that is Brooke White, of American Idol fame. She and Summer wrote and perform the song. Awesome!

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