Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adjusting My Gratitude

"Thank you."

It's a phrase that's becoming increasingly rare, both given and received.

I had planned for this post to talk about writing up thank you notes for the wedding gifts and cards that our family and friends had given us. I planned to complain about having to make plans to write up the notes, since making time for something like this seemed so stressful with the million other things I had to do. I planned to express my worry about not getting them out earlier. I planned to go a whole different direction with this post.

But then, I read something that changed my attitude.

I read one of Meredith's notes. Meredith, who is the writer we all aspire to be, wrote about her feelings on thank you notes in a recent Facebook Note (but because I didn't seek writer permission, I am not linking to it). But if you take my word for it, she brings up a pretty interesting point in a very amusing way.

In all, it made me think about gratitude in general, and how as a person I need to express a more grateful attitude. It certainly won't always need to be expressed by my sending a little note to others, but I think I need to make a better effort to express how truly thankful, and truly blessed, I am.

So, I'd like to say this: I apologize for the super lameness in not getting thank you notes out sooner. If you have given us anything, including a gift or card for our wedding, thank you. Please know that we appreciate everything that you have given to us. Really.

I hope to express it better from now on.

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