Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(P)homeless, Part Deux

Dismiss any thoughts you may have had about the Huertas being perfect.

Both of you done? Ok, good.

When I wrote about our home phone debacle last week, I didn't realize that I set a jinx into motion.

Stephen and I mostly agreed that we would just hold on to our cell phones for the time being. We have them already, so why not use them?

Well, had.

Stephen lost his phone. And while "lost" might not be totally accurate (he's pretty sure he left it somewhere where it isn't anymore, and thievery is likely to blame), it is no longer in our possession.

Trust me when I say that this is rare for Stephen and way more common for me. I am the messy one, and I am the one with the poor track record. I've lost watches on floors of department stores, and "misplaced" recipes mid-meal-production.

While the phone may be gone for good, we've learned a few things.

The big one is that the cost to replace the cell phone is minuscule when compared to the forgiveness of each other's faults. Stephen is way more forgiving of me when I "misplace" something, so it is only right that I start to do the same. Remember, I am working on Jennifer, Version 2.0. With a little bit more prayer, I will (through God's grace) keep moving forward.

The other things we've learned? 1) Life does not end when you can no longer text your significant other, and 2) AT&T is a powerful place with powerful people. Do not mess with them.

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