Friday, July 9, 2010

Foodie Fashion

Lately I've been talking about fashion on Fridays, but today I am thinking more about food (skipped breakfast=grumpy goose).

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I may have not done a very good job planning what I wanted to discuss today.*

However, someone has come to my rescue--and they didn't even know it.

When I opened up Twitter this morning, the combo I didn't know I needed was staring me in the face.

I follow Alisa Manjarrez (@alisa_m_), a Fresno gal who always has something cool to share. Today, it's food you can wear.


While not a new concept, my experience is that the costume creations are always original, and never stay together longer than 17 minutes. Good times all around, I think.

Since I am hoping to do a food week coming up here soon, and hit a lot of different topics, her post produced the perfect storm for me to share it. Plus, it's funky.

Take a look here. I dare any of you to actually wear this stuff.

What? Oh, when you heard "food blog" and thought you would get a recipe? Well, she's submitted recipes through @TasteFresno before, so this might get you through the weekend.

Now, if I can just get someone to buy me breakfast.

*They are totally unrelated. Don't give me that look.

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  1. You are so sweet, Jen! Thanks for the mentions! Now I really want chocolate for breakfast...mmm...