Friday, August 27, 2010

Wear, Sleep, Repeat

If I was a smarter woman, I would not confess my fashion sins so regularly on this blog.


Still learning I guess.

Latest fashion sin admission: I am an outfit repeater.

I bet you've done this too.

Sometimes this behavior stems from getting a brand new piece of clothing that you love so much, you justify wearing it 5 out of the 6 days in which you have first owned it. It would truly be a shame to have to put the outfit back in the closet for an undetermined amount of time before it would be OK to bring it back out again. Plus, you should probably prove the versatility of this garment by wearing it as much as possible, right? Right.

Sometimes this behavior stems from not fully putting an outfit away after having worn it. You might be going to an event with people who you haven't seen for a couple weeks and--there it is, in your not-quite-in-the-laundry-but-definitely-not-put-away pile (my "pile" is a chair), saying, "Don't wash me--wear me."

And sometimes this behavior stems from a complete lack of creativity. You have spent some previous moment of your life (probably several stressful minutes) strategically putting an outfit together. You're quite proud of the way you matched your horizontally striped shirt and floral skirt. It's just a little too bad that you established and wore this outfit, worthy of pride, yesterday. A quick internal monologue-like analysis of your day reveals that you won't see the same folks today as you did yesterday. Go for repeat.

I am quite guilty of being an outfit repeater on special occasions for different sides of the family or with different groups of friends. I usually begin my day hoping that my memory is still serving me, that I can remember correctly that I wore this outfit out to Thanksgiving last year with the other side of the family. I will pace my closet for a couple minutes until reassuring myself that if I can't remember, maybe no one else will. I end my dressing experience with deluded confidence that "They definitely haven't seen me in this before." When you have so many similar occasions, you just might need one outfit instead of several.

You should also get some friends with poor memories.

Now you know another one of my fashion sins, and that sometimes I don't hang up my clothes at the end of the day.

OK, pretty much always.

Hey, I never claimed to be perfect.

I'll just leave you with this*:

Kate Sanders: Only you would think that you could hide that powder blue, puffy sleeved, it's kind of a peasant dress, but it's really a questionable disaster of fiber content that you wore to the spring dance. Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!

Lizzie McGuire: Okay, I may be an outfit repeater, but you're an outfit rememberer, which is just as pathetic!

*I bet you shamefully remember this movie, too.

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