Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Drinking

I'm about to make a big, fat assumption about all of you.

You like to drink. You like to drink with friends. You like to drink with friends during the week.

To me, this is absolutely normal behavior. It is normal behavior I participate in. I participated in it yesterday.

I don't do this too regularly, but enough.

Recently, however, I've come across a couple articles that remind me that it isn't common, normal behavior among a lot of people.

I am in the camp that disagrees with complete Prohibition. I don't think it makes any sense in our culture, and it would be a problem in the practice of my faith. However, I see where specific people should limit their own consumption.

I'm not trying to give a long drawn out lecture on this topic. I just thought it was interesting to run into these few articles within the last couple days.

Your thoughts?

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