Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Cut (With Pictures!)

My slacking has finally paid off, because I now have pictures that are worthwhile enough to post on the blog.

Since I bet you can barely calm your excitement, I'll get right to them.

On Friday, I had the big haircut for Locks of Love. They need 10 inches of hair times 6-10 ponytails for each hairpiece. I was able to do my part by donating a lot of the hair that I had grown out for the wedding.

So here's the before picture:

And the back of the before:

And here is the after (front):

And back:

Which looks all right, but is not as cute as...

...curling it (and letting my natural curl come through (By the way, these pictures are from the Fig Fest at Fresno State this weekend. This is my sister and me next to the large fig. Yes, we know what it looks like.)

So there you go! A post with pictures. I'll try to make it a more common occurrence here on the blog.

You know, so that you can get in on all the awesome stuff I do, like this:

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