Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Scared an Etsy Little Bit

I must confess that for all the online shopping (and way more online window shopping) that I do, I am quite unfamiliar with Etsy.

My full admission is that I find it rather intimidating.

There are so many shops that it seems like it would be impossible to find what you are looking for. Plus, with other online retailers, their sizing is standardized and their policies on exchanges and returns are clear (for the most part). And while I know that a whole slew of Etsy professionals have designed their shops to be just that...

I am scared.

What if the item is nothing like the picture? What if I can't exchange it? What if it falls apart? What if they ignore me like the big-box retailer*? What if that quarter that they have in the picture for size reference is some kind of trick quarter? What if they steal my credit card information?

Ok, so the last one is probably less likely since sellers go through a process to determine that they are generally not crooks. Maybe the one before that is a little far-fetched, too.

Still, it is not completely irrational to feel uneasy about buying an item from the lady next door (and across the country) that you would normally get at a store with salespeople and a cash register. The unknowns, though, are not a good reason to avoid this plethora of clothes and crafts, made with love.

Ignorance is not bliss.

If I were to get over my fear soon, these few shops would be the first places I would turn to in bravery (and leave not long after with an empty wallet).

Audrey and Grace Clothing

Flour Clothing

Lirola Clothing

ANAS by Zorya Clothing

Rak Shniya Vintage Clothing

Sweet Bee Finds Vintage Clothing

Simple Serendipity Jewelry

All Things Tinsel Jewelry

Wicked Mint Pillows (and more)

That's just for starters. Don't get me going on the other stores that have the perfect stuff for everyone I know.

How about you--have you purchased something from an Etsy shop? Do you have an Etsy shop, or can you recommend any? Thanks for your support!

I do not receive compensation from any of the retailers listed above.

*I need a bit of virtual hand-holding during my first purchase with somebody


  1. I've purchased items from etsy before, no clothes though, just art prints. I've found that etsy sellers are pretty responsible and communicate with you way more than ever possible with mass retailers. Their customers keep them accountable with ratings, reviews, and whatnot so good retailers can't afford to drop the ball. Just be sure to look over shop policies to get info about returns and exchanges, etc.

    BTW, All Things Tinsel is one of my fave shops. Good choice =)

  2. Catherina, this was way helpful (and very reassuring)! Thanks!!