Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fresno Greek Fest

Saturday Stephen and I went to the 50th Annual Fresno Greek Festival put on by St. George's Greek Orthodox Church. They've had an artist work on the church's ceiling for the past three years, and were finally able to reveal the finish product over the weekend. Plus, the fest means the best Greek food around (not that I would know the difference), so we had to make a visit.

In brief:

The outside of the Church

The inside of the church

Some of the festivities

The festive band

Festive vendors

Everything we festively ate

(The best dang dessert ever--Loukoumades. We had two.)

And, the festive pastries we brought home

We're looking forward to the in-FEST-tation next year.

Aw, c'mon, you know you got suckered in on that last one.


  1. oo! i went to greek fest too, but i didn't see you. :( oh my gosh...those loukoumades were REALLY good hot and fresh. wow.

  2. They SO were!! I'm bummed we didn't see you, too, Corrie. We'll have to do a better job coordinating schedules at food-related events. :)