Monday, August 16, 2010

There Wasn't Anything in the Brownies

The roles have been officially switched as I helped execute a bridal shower this weekend for my dear friend, Nicole.

As a bridesmaid, I am now under a different umbrella of responsibility when it comes to weddings. No more worrying about a wedding for months and enjoying a separate party thrown by your friends. This time, it's the reverse.

And the reverse comes with a completely unanticipated lack of sleep.

I think it is because the bridesmaids are so busy (isn't that life) that we weren't able to get to a lot of the actual "doing" for this party until the night before.

Nobody tell Nicole. Not that she'd care. Unless of course she is reading this blog right now. In which case I am going to casually ease back into my original thought.

As I was saying without any break for side-thoughts, planning this shower was a whirlwind of driving throughout the greater Fresno area mixed with way-too-much late night brownie eating, all of which resulted in four delirious girls laughing way too much at things that would clearly not be as funny to people who got eight hours of shut eye.

We hunted for every yellow flower that could survive the August heat. We spent about 10 minutes contemplating whether the correct amount of limes for our centerpieces was 90 or 100. We slices and chopped and generally avoided destroying fruit and flowers as we made Martha Stewart-worthy centerpieces. And, we witnessed a 90's-era music, one-person dance party courtesy of a 60-year-old newlywed.

Not that I'll ever share such personal information with the blogosphere, of course.

All in all, planning the shower was fun, and I think everyone had a very nice time at it. Instead of worrying for months about a wedding, I worried for about 12 hours.

It was awesome.

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