Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Sucked In By The Good Stuff

Television is one of those tricky media.

While you can find great shows that teach and share, and you can experience events as they happen (like sports, politics and other important stuff), TV can also be a serious time suck. You're flipping channels one afternoon, and before you know it you've spent two hours entrapped in the bowels of daytime television.

But enough talk of reality shows.

We have AT&T U-verse, which is different than the Comcast Stephen and I were used to before moving into our current apartment. While skeptical at first, we actually really like it. However, much like you can get trapped in all of TV's offerings, you can get mesmerized at the sheer number of channels. For example, to listen to some of the music stations our package provides, you start at channel 5100.

Yeah. So when I went on my mission to find some of my favorite channels, I was concerned it would be a fruitless hunt, and that I'd be sucked in by more new-to-me-but-not-good-at-all television.

Thankfully I found EWTN yesterday evening just in time to listen to a talk by Father John Corapi.

I seriously love Fr. Corapi. I listen to him on the radio (1250 AM in Fresno and 1240 AM in Clovis) every chance I get (which unfortunately isn't often). When I get a minute or two at work, I'll listen to him online at Immaculate Heart Radio. But, I had forgotten that his recorded lectures also appear on EWTN at 7:30 p.m.

He really knows his stuff when it comes to the Catholic faith, and you'll soak up everything he says because you can feel his passion and love for our Lord. His personal testimony alone will give you chills. If you're looking to learn more (or start learning) about the faith, or just want to hear a great speaker, you'll really enjoy his lectures.

Way better than Cake Boss.

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