Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 for 30, Day 8: Ba-LASER

This challenge has been very healthy. I rarely wear my blazers, and in this challenge I've already worn them twice. Adding today makes it three times. Mom, Dad--you guys should be so proud.

Outfit In Theory.

The khaki blazer, the blue button up, the jeans, and the khaki heels are all part of my 30 for 30. The scarf was my grandma's and the belt I bought a while back.

Outfit In Practice.

Simple, but stylin' (for me). It's also an outfit where I can roll up my sleeves and wrap the scarf over my head sanitary-style. Why? Because I'm bakin' a whole bunch of cupcakes today for my favorite former boss and her classroom of third graders. Oh, and I'm studying for a test I have tonight.

I'm thinking I better get started.

Here's some songs from my mix while I bake.*

*If you watch How I Met your Mother, you'll notice that all of these songs are from the show. I have been obsessed with it lately.

Image 245


  1. Those are khaki? They look mustard yellow to me and I love it! Love the pop of blue too. You look awesome!

  2. That must be my camera because they're warm khaki. But now I know that mustard yellow would work....

    Thanks, Melissa!