Sunday, February 13, 2011

30 for 30, Day 13 (Part 1): The Outfit Is Coming...

I thought I'd jump on here in between the kitchen cleaning, the term paper writing and the Harry Potter watching (don't judge me) to give you an update:

-I am indeed wearing my thirteenth outfit for the 30 for 30 today, and I did take a picture of it.

-I am being lazy and will post it tomorrow with my St. Valentine's Day outfit.

-I had a great time at the church's fashion show and luncheon. I also won a raffle prize! I won the "At The Movies" gift basket, which had Kettle Corn, Gummi bears, dark chocolate M&Ms, mini chocolate-covered pretzels, and a $10 gift certificate to Blockbuster video. I was super pumped. You'll see the picture of the basket tomorrow. Maybe. You know, if all the food isn't gone.

-My friend, Amy and I watched Gone With The Wind yesterday while we ate our Southern-style food feast (a couple pics to come), and we decided to count how many times Scarlett O'Hara was a decent human being (sweet) versus the times she was awful (sour). Things that went in the sour section included 1) slapping indiscriminately, 2) biting, 3) kissing a married man, 4) murder, and 5) beating a horse to death, among many others. Redeeming qualities were less, um, worthwhile. We gave her points for dressing well and being pretty. Final tally: Sweet=26, Sour=80.

-I feel like there should be a fifth item in this update....


Oh! Stephen's St. Valentine's Day gift is now going to be those Gummi bears I won.

What are you doing for the big day of love?


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