Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 for 30, Day 3: Warming Up

If you look at me, and I'll assume you've done this at least once, you'll notice that I am super-pale. I definitely got more Irish than Italian in the looks department. Oh, and since I am Mexican by marriage, that means my skin is extra-confused.

Anyway, I'm also cool-toned, which means that colors like blue, purple, pink, cool green, etc. look best on me. That also means that warm tones like brown, army green, and some khaki don't.

I'm just fine with this.* When I'm out shopping, I try to keep this in mind so I don't waste my money on another piece that just won't look right on me.

Today's outfit is full of those items that I thought were a waste.

Well, not exactly. At the time I bought them all, I thought I was being so versatile, expanding my wardrobe and all. However, when I got each of these items home I tried mixing each with stuff I already owned. Nothing worked. Nothing worked until I recently purchased an army green striped top, and my closet yelled out "BINGO!" because I had finally put together five in a row (or something like that).

And now they are all part of my 30 for 30 swag. Go figure.

Outfit In Theory.

The khaki blazer, the army green striped top, the jeans, and the brown boots are all part of my 30 items.

Outfit In Practice.

While this outfit is not my favorite of everything I own, it all works well together. And, I can't remember why I don't wear these boots more often. I like 'em.

Do you tend to lean more towards either warm- or cool-toned clothes, or stay neutral?

Oh! And guess what?! This is my hundredth blog post! I think that earns me a cupcake or something. Thanks for making it possible! (So you deserve a cupcake, too)

*You could even say I'm cool with it. Sorry, had to.



  1. I definitely tend to lean towards the cooler colors. I'm really pale too, especially for an Italian chick.

    Those boots are awesome, you SHOULD wear them more often!

  2. i'm super pale, and my husband is black, so ... i feel your pain haha. and i'm loving those stripes!