Friday, February 4, 2011

30 for 30, Day 4: I Call Sub

I remembered why I never wear these boots.

They are falling apart. The interior insole is peeling away from the bottom of the shoes, sliding down towards the toe with every step. Either this is a new condition, or, like I do with leftovers in the fridge, I put them back in the closet anyway.

My socks were very sticky. Not cool.

I call sub.

Since I have to have another pair of shoes for this challenge, I will now substitute these shoes...

...with these shoes.

I had ordered some new boots before the challenge started, but they haven't arrived yet. If they arrive during this challenge, I may add then in and get rid of another 30 for 30 item so that I can still have some versatility in my outfits. I don't know if that is in the rules, but I'll allow it. I'm my own ref today.

As a farewell to the brown boots,* here is my outfit for today. I am not doing much walking around, so I figured we could show them one last time with the outfit I planned.

Outfit In Theory

The brown shirt, the jeans, and the now-defunct shoes are all 30 for 30 items. The scarf was a gift from a friend many seasons ago, and the belt is a recent purchase.

Outfit In Practice

See my face? This is the face of a woman who thought she had rediscovered a relic from her very own closet, a relic that was going to free her, make her new again, and open up a new world of possible outfits with the color brown.

Such disappointment.

Goodbye, boots.

How do you say goodbye to items from your closet that have to go?

UPDATE: The new boots just came in! They definitely need to be part of my 30 for 30. OK, what to eliminate? Pictures soon!

*OK, hopefully not a farewell. I borrowed some superglue from crafty people who have superglue and plan to fix those suckers. Hopefully it will work, although things don't look promising. That, or I might glue the soles together and create a throwing dart the size of a platter. There's the bright side.



  1. i thinkn subbing is perfectly fine if it'll help ya through the remix! :D

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I don't think I can walk around in broken shoes for a month. Some new boots I had ordered last week just came in, so they should be a good overall sub. :)