Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weight and Punishment

I thought I would dub this Fashion Friday,* because I am in the mood to talk clothes.

Since summer is basically here (100 degrees next week—yikes!), I get to put the sweaters away and bust out my pretty, airy, and girly summer clothes.

Which would be exciting if they fit.

I am taking full responsibility for this. First year out of school was kind of an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord, dedicated to freedom from ever doing homework again. I need to exercise way more (which implies that I haven’t taken a two month hiatus, right?). And, maybe now that the wedding is over, I don’t need to keep “taste testing” food for it.

Really, this is all my fault. As a way to take full responsibility, I am buying a new dress (as punishment for my weight gain, of course). My wallet is taking one for the team.

But which punishment to select?

Dress A

Dress B

Or, Dress C?

How’s a girl to choose? Your thoughts?

All dresses are from Shabby Apple, a fabulous online dress store that does not pay me a cent to say so.

*On other Fridays, it will be Food Friday, or Faith Friday, or something else. It’s my blog; I’ll flip-flop if I want.


  1. Oooohhh, I love Dress A! It seems much more summery than Dress B (which I also like, but seems like something that I would wear to work), and I like the girlie volume at the bottom as opposed to the sleeker way that Dress C falls over the hips.

  2. You are thinking through it a lot better than I am! Thanks!