Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Listen to the Melody

I really like Melody Gardot. I discovered her one day about a year ago while exploring iTunes. It was a serious stumble upon one of my favorite modern artists.

Her latest album, My One and Only Thrill, is one of those few records that I can keep listening to over and over again, and it never gets old. NEVER. Trust me, I get bored with the same breakfast three days in a row.

Each song has a personal memory attached to it. It takes you back to the place you first heard the song. It lets you imagine yourself in a different locale, where you walk around in ethereal bliss with this song as your soundtrack. It's just as good as the song before it, and is a great lead in to the song after it.

I wouldn't just say this about any vocalist. This is serious business—this lady can sing. Her voice has a classic jazz feel, but her songs have this great Latin-y, French-European vibe from the instrumentation. The music captures all those little sounds that you wished other favorite songs of this genre had.

Everything I said above is as close as I can get to actually knowing what I am talking about. I’m no expert in music terminology or composition. I just know what my ears like.

I know you’ve been waiting in suspense for a whole one minute, thirty-nine seconds to hear this awesome music. So, here are a few of my favs, courtesy of YouTube. (If you don’t listen to this at the appropriate volume, then you are only hurting yourself.)

A few from her latest album…

Baby, I’m a Fool (please disregard the weirdness of the music video—the song is still awesome)

The Rain

My One and Only Thrill

And a couple extras…

High Night (Alta Noite)

Ain’t No Sunshine

P.S. The first person to get me free Melody Gardot tickets to a show nearby (like, in CA) gets a free steak dinner (however you want it!) and my undying gratitude. :)

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