Friday, June 18, 2010


Last month, I attended the way-fun Arroyo Grande Annual Strawberry Festival. I definitely recommend it for three main pleasures. The first is entire crates full of unrealistically-good-tasting strawberries available for purchase (and pretty much immediate consumption). The second, tons of food booths offering everything you could imagine, including some deep-fried items that only appear in your nightmares. And third, without discounting the strawberries or fried inedibles, are the vendor booths.

Need some lawn decorations? Low on crocheted purses? Seeking Rastafarian garb? Look no further! Really, the place has a lots of stuff that you would never consider buying unless you had been walking in the hot sun for three hours with a soggy corndog in your hand. However, with the hundreds (yeah, hundreds) of booths we visited during the festival, one did make my heart flutter. That would be The Soapdishes.

The Soapdishes (I later learned) is based out of Ventura, CA, makes all of its products out of natural vegetable glycerin, and blah blah blah....

You don't care about all that, and neither did I! What do you care about? FLAVORS!

Lisa, who owns and creates all of the delicious "dishes" and is pretty funny, had over 35 scents to choose from. There was a soap for any type of buyer you might be, any kind of gift you might need, and any potential shower mood you could ever have. Obviously, she had no idea I was coming to the festival and would need a half hour to figure out which scents I couldn't live without.

I ended up with Cherries Jubilee and Juicy Apple*. I busted into Cherries Jubilee within the first week of buying it (yes, even though we have three other soaps open in our shower). It is like bathing in Twizzler juice. It lathers so nicely, and smells so good, that it takes a lot of personal convincing that my shower is over.

My sister, Stephanie, got the Juicy Apple, too. She also got Black Tie Affairre and Angel's Kiss. Jamie was seriously considering some of the body butters, but has a stronger will than I, as she left that booth with all her money.

I totally plan to buy more of of these delectables, since they are actually pretty affordable. In the meantime, I can't wait to ignore my other soaps and try the Juicy Apple.

Anybody else try The Soapdishes before? Know of something even better?**

I do not receive any compensation from The Soapdishes. I did, in fact, pay for my natural vegetable glycerin soap.

* I can't find Juicy Apple on her Website. I don't know whether to be sad that I can't buy it again, or special that I have it and you don't. My brain hurts from this dilemma.

** Wait, maybe you shouldn't tell me....

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