Friday, June 25, 2010

Issuing the Skirt

You would never know it by my super-pale skin (read: glow-in-the-dark), but I love the summer. I love that it is like, eighty-five degrees, when you wake up.* I love the overall casual vibe. And, one big thing I love about summer is skirts.

I actually love skirts year-round, but they are often neglected in the winter because, well, pants are warmer. But, if you are like me, and relish skirt-wearin' weather, you probably feel this way because:

a) You get to: Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, and ladies, I’m with you—I enjoy being a girl. Skirts are strictly female fashion. Based on the exclusivity factor alone, skirts are awesome.

b) They're uniquely feminine: Skirts give you that alluring, desirable hourglass figure. They are inherently girly. Plus, you can twirl in them, and there are days I live to twirl.

c) They're dressy: Skirts automatically make you look like you tried harder this morning than yesterday, when you wore pants (or pajamas, if you are lucky enough to work from home).

d) They're ladylike: You stand up straighter. You keep your legs together. You might even curse less. I mean, not at all. You never have.

e) They're flattering: I’ll let Stacy London, co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear, take this one. “It's much easier to find a skirt that's flattering. With pants, you have to consider the rise, the width of the hips, the legs, and how they fall on the tush.”

f) They're easier than pants: ...Especially during restroom breaks.

By now I know you are just dying (read: not bored enough yet) for me to link you to some of my favorite skirts. Well, here you go!

For all your school-day needs

For your next picnic

For gallivanting in some Mediterranean countryside

For fun!

For the office (or "The Office" if you like watching TV in character)

For a stroll along a hidden creek

For my closet

Do you have a favorite skirt style, color, or overall feel? I'd love some more recommendations!

Dresses will receive their own post very soon! (Speaking of dresses, somebody's Shabby Apple order came in...and I'll try embedding a picture soon!)

I do not receive any compensation from Banana Republic, ModCloth, Macy's or Ann Taylor, except for the satisfaction of a skirt-search well done.

*I mostly feel this way because I HATE to be cold. Yes, I understand this is confusing because my honeymoon was indeed in Alaska. I'm a complicated gal.

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