Friday, June 11, 2010

Slipping Up

Men, this is not your blog post. We're doing Fashion Friday from the very basics, if you catch my drift. Thanks for understanding. Go ahead and listen to some more of the alluring Melody Gardot. Watch the World Cup. I'll see you Monday.

I need a new slip. Yes, ladies, I only have one--and I own no Spanx or any other kind of figure helpers. As a new-in-the-work-world woman, I haven't needed one except for special occasions (like tomorrow's wedding! Yay, Nicole and Brett!). But now, a slip is needed for pretty much all of the skirts and dresses I love wearing. Since skirts are totally necessary in this heat, I have to get on the ball. And, since I am the kind of woman to shop prepared, I've been doing some research.

But as I did, I decided I need to rework my whole undergarment strategy.

See, it has been my nature to go with a standard slip that can work with anything. Something inconspicuous that would never impose itself on you, like a good-mannered young man on a first date. But now I am a new women. A new woman with opportunity. And with this opportunity, I think I'm going to take the boring, required work/dress/life staple, and turn it into a super-awesome modest fashion piece!

So, instead of a plain, barely-there slip like this, I'm thinking I could have way more fun with this.

or this

or this


That way, everyone gets to enjoy a little bit of my vintage-style petticoat, and not enjoy, well, everything the slip is supposed to take care of. Best of both worlds!

As you can see, I'm a seriously considering getting a slip/petticoat from Vintage Hem. And why not? They even have a blog that shows pictures of women wearing their slips/petticoats with all sorts of modern dresses and skirts! It makes wearing one seem like a real possibility!

What do you think, ladies? Is this a realistic dream, or would it be a fashion slip up?

I do not receive any compensation from Spanx, Macy's, Vintage Hem, or any of the link sources in this article.

P.S. I plan to do a lot of modest fashion blogging in the future because it is a topic that really interests me. has some great resources if you are interested in learning more.

P. P. S. While I may enjoy Fashion Friday, I'm not the only one! Check out one of my favorite Fashion Friday/modest fashion writers, Hallie Lord, here and here. Faith and Family is where I first heard of Vintage Hem and Shabby Apple.

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