Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Out There!

I was just thinking to myself, as we begin to really welcome spring in Fresno, "I just finished that winter 30 for 30 challenge, right?"

Then I took a look at the blog and realized that it's been, like, 3 weeks, and that, with the exception of sharing some super awesome tunes with you, I've done nada.

Oops. Well, here's what's up with me lately.

I'm headed towards the last third of my semester of paralegal classes. I am learning a lot about the legal system and a paralegal's role in that, but at this time I don't think that going into this field is the right fit for me. I won't be continuing the program next semester, but I will be finishing up my courses in case I ever want to go back and finish it later. Hubby is also going to school and is both much better at it and is enjoying it much more than I am. So, next semester will be Stephen going to school full-time, and me trying to work more. Sound like a plan? Good, we thought so, too.

We've also lost a family member in the last week, so I have a renewed sense of love and thankfulness for all my family and friends. Not that we ever like to lose someone that we love to death, but Lent is probably one of the better times of the year for this to happen. It truly makes Easter that much more meaningful for us.

My dad's birthday is this Sunday, and I'm trying to remember if he has a favorite kind of cake or dessert that I can make.* It made me realize on a more general level that I don't really know the eating habits of my loved ones. I ate the majority of the meals of my youth with my immediate family, and eat most of my meals now with my husband, but I am still discovering food loves and food loathes among them. Just last month, I discovered that my sister didn't like tomatoes (which I seriously love), or mustard (which is seriously just a weird thing to not like). So, does anyone know what my Dad's favorite cake is, because right now I'm leaning towards a tomato-and-mustard cake since Steph will be gone.

Even though this is my blog, I do want to give everyone a bit of an update on Stephanie. She is really loving her time at Disneyland, and is all set to graduate from Cal Poly in June. We are very proud of her.

So proud that I'm sending her mustard packets in the mail, to remind her of her roots.

This will still not be the creepiest thing she's received in the mail.

And that will just have to remain a mystery...

(unless you just ask her).


What have you been up to lately?

*Normally I wouldn't discuss my dad's birthday here since he is one of my three avid readers, but he's busy with tax season, and I'm gonna chance it. And if you are reading this, Dad, what's your favorite cake?


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