Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 for 30, Day 30: The End

Here it is, people. The last day of this remix.

I wanted to pick something special and impractical out for you, like the diamond studs I've got my eye on. So, this is your "diamond studs."

You're welcome.

Outfit In Theory.

The blue dress, the green cardigan, and the camel boots are all part of my 30 for 30, while the necklace was my grandma's.

Outfit In Practice.

This outfit will be practical on a sunny winter day with some nylons, but not today's overcast weather. However, I gotta be honest: if I get called out for jury duty this afternoon, I am changing into something warmer.*

Alas, it is what we have learned that is most important now.

And what the heck was that?

-I can make a lot of outfits work from what I already own.

-Working with what you already own forces you to realize the items you actually need in your closet, and not just things that you think you need or you want when you are out shopping. I am totally making of list of things I need from now on.

-My lack-of-creativity burden can be aided by linking up with one of the many other remixers, and checking out their outfit creations.

-Including colorful pieces is a crucial part of getting through some dreary winter days.

-It's not just hype: accessories really can make outfits look different.

If I were to do this in the future: I would include an extra set of pants (or at least not lose one of the ones I selected from the start), include one less pair of shoes, and do my hair more often. Oh wait, I think that last one I already promised.


Fellow remixers: did you learn anything from this challenge? Readers: did this inspire you to set your own wardrobe challenge? Others: want to grab some coffee sometime?**

*Ooo!--I just thought about how to change this up, too. I could put my white skirt over it. That would be fun. OK, pretend I wore that.

**I wanted everyone to feel included.



  1. You're adorable. I want everyone to feel included too!

    I love the green and blue together, I think it's great!

    Yep, I've learned that I can create a LOT more outfits than what I'd originally thought. I need to work on not buying as much! And I realized that I want mostly dresses. I love dresses!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Congrats on finishing your remix too! I think I took away from this remix the realization that scarfs and belts can completely transform outfits. And I learned a couple of new tricks like different ways to tie scarfs and the cardigan tucked into pencil skirt look!

    Also, I love that dress, it's such a great color! And to answer your question about where the coral dress on my blog post is from, it's by Chloe. It's the first item that shows up if you look up "coral" on, if that helps!


  3. Adorable look. I really like the way that this look is put together.

  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge! The biggest thing I've learned with these challenges is that accessorizing is key! I still haven't purchased clothes since I started the fall challenge at the end of November. I have bought lots of accessories though! One pair of heels, too, with another on the way.

    Have you gone crazy shopping (purchasing?) now that the ban has been lifted?
    Don't forget to enter my TinyGoatStudios giveaway!