Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What The Sell?

There are some combinations, some partnerships, that just feel right. Peanut butter and jelly. Abbott and Costello. Green eggs and ham.

And to me, antiques and sass.

I love antiques. I love items from different eras, whether they be clothing, furniture, housewares, or bigger pieces. I love walking through local shops, discovering interesting items, and learning an item's back story from the shop owner.

In general, antiques are a big ol' love fest for me. In fact, it may be too much of a love fest. My tiny apartment is beginning to show quite a collection of hand-me-down and new-to-me antiques, particularly with items that fit into my china cabinet.

I might have a problem.*

Naturally, when I heard of TLC's new show What The Sell?, that features three ladies and their antique store outside of Chicago, Illinois, I knew it would become my antique fix, since I probably shouldn't go out looking for anything else that could have me subconsciously opening my wallet and giving the nice people at the shop my dough.

Where does the sass come in on this partnership of love?

Meet Gloria.

One day I hope to be as sassy as Gloria. I think I will start on that now.

*My mom is nodding her head right now.


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