Monday, January 10, 2011


With the new year, and a different state (in more ways than one) than where I started last year, I figured I was one of those people who should make some New Year's resolutions.

I guess "those people" are those who have habits they would rather leave behind, or have made the decision to work harder, or to make themselves better. "Those people" sound like good company to me.

So here we go.

-Try to keep on a schedule: You know how other people make New Year's resolutions, like, I dunno, on New Year's Day, and not on January 10? Yeah, this is why this needs to be your first resolution for 2011. Use your planner, Jennifer. It is your friend. No more holiday-induced procrastinating.

-Remember to wear your glasses while reading and on the computer: Um, please excuse me for a second....


-Be healthier: Take your vitamins. Avoid foods and drinks with unpronounceable ingredients. Get over the idea that you would rather stick your hands in hot soup than floss your teeth.

-Dress purposefully and unregrettably...: Do your hair more often. Iron your clothes. Break out of the jeans rut you are in. When buying new clothing, make sure it will last, and that you will love it for many years to come. Always ask, "Would Grace Kelly wear this?"

-...but take it easy: Stay on your budget. Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco. You, however, are saving up for some big ticket items.

-Give your blog the time it deserves: Remember why you started this blog? You wanted to remember these times, good or bad. You wanted a place to comment on your interests. You have a lot to say. You love saying it. Do yourself the favor and WRITE IT DOWN. You may have other regrets, but don't make one of them forgetting to blog about your memories.

-Spend more time with important people: Family and friends mean the world to you,* so you want to make sure you spend as much time as you can with them. If you keep your scheduling resolution, this should be no problem.

-Do not take out your own struggles on the person nearest you: Remember that you have a new team member, and you both have the same goals. Make it up to Stephen by apologizing more, in general. And by cooking more delicious dinners.

-Pray a whole lot more, and make your faith a bigger priority: This will help with many things (these resolutions being among those things).

-Give things a shot, and be more open to new possibilities.

With that last one, it's finally time I shared on the blog a new adventure: I am going back to school. After graduating a couple years ago, and nearly swearing that I would ne'er return, I am headed back to Fresno City College to begin earning a paralegal certificate. It's a two year program, but I am going to take this first semester to see what I think of the legal field, how that fits into my own goals, and praying that God will guide me to follow His plan for me.

Oh, and it starts today.

I guess my last resolution should be, "Never say never."

What are your resolutions for this new year?

*I hope you all know that. I love you!

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