Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garlic Jock Jams

Before you know it, it's been another week or so, and too long since I last posted something on this blog. With Easter coming, finishing up school assignments, and various other projects in the works, I am making less time for posting and more time for relaxing, eating dinner, and listening to songs that I call "Jock Jams"* on my newly-discovered, guilty-pleasure radio station, 103.7 FM.**

But today I am leaving it all behind (except maybe listening to Jock Jams) to head on a road trip. My best friend, Amy, and I (and maybe our guys) will be traveling to the Gilroy Outlets.

Now, many unfamiliar with Central California may not know this, but people from Fresno are single-handedly keeping all outlet centers with 3-4 hours operating.

It's true. Fresnans love taking trips to outlets, usually because you get to travel, end up in a cooler (in more ways than one) climate, and shop among good quality and cheap clothing. Since people from Fresno love all of these things, and since we have no outlet mall here, you can thank the prevention of complete economic collapse on Fresno.

And today, you can thank me and Amy.

Here are my items to look out for on the trip.

-Black pencil skirt
-Bermuda shorts that somehow don't look fitting for tourists
-Summer-style skirts for hot summer days (bonus points if they are twirly)
-Lighter-wash jeans
-New black pumps (I'm down to the nail on my current pair. Ouch!)
-Flat sandals that are not rubber, non-supportive flip flops
-Sonic New York Hot Dog

-Something yellow
-Vintage-looking scarves
-Brown, tortoise-shell sunglasses (polarized)
-Nude pumps
-The ever-allusive perfect red dress and/or cognac leather clutch

Will Probably Stumble Upon Anyway:
-Jeans that don't quite fit right
-A Starbucks
-Somebody I know from Fresno
-Garlic perfume

Put on your comfy shoes, pump your Jock Jams, and pop your lipstick, people: It's road trip time!

*If you grew up playing basketball on asphalt, finding the highest white socks you could to wear and keep up with tape, and listening to this music, thinking you were hot stuff, we might be the same person.

**Stephen informs me that this used to be the KRZR rock station, that played music that...well...wasn't my favorite. I am not sorry for your loss.


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