Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Friday Book Share

Hi there kids. It has been a crazy past couple of weeks for me (and probably for you, too--end of the school year, summer starting, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping trips, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, summer food cravings, etc.). Here's what I have been up too:

-My Dad recently moved offices and started a new partnership. I have been helping him move and doing some office administrative work, with potential to help more during the summer. We've hit a few moving-related bumps ("Gee, I wonder what box that file is in), but nothing that can't be overcome with determination and comfy shoes. So far, I think things are going very well.

-And speaking of my folks, they are over in Ireland right now, hopefully having a great time. They told me they aren't going to kiss the Blarney Stone because they had heard from my grandma's brother (a.k.a. Uncle Tiny) that the janitors pee on it. Gross. Gross, yet, somehow, I still would want to do it to say that I did. On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird does that make me?

-I am in my last week of the paralegal program at Fresno City. The program is definitely set up and operated well, but right now the paralegal thing is not for me. I'm looking forward to a very nice summer.

-Amy, our guys, and myself went to Gilroy for our impromptu shopping trip, and were met with much success. Amy and her guy nabbed some accessories, while Stephen and I basically built up our wardrobe to a very solid level. We will definitely make it through a few summers.

-I had a very nice Easter and Mother's Day spent with Stephen's and my family. My weekends are starting (er, continuing) to fill up with birthdays, graduations, fundraisers, and other events. Right now, I am pretty much booked until mid-June. Are your weekends looking about the same? What fun activities will you be up to?

-And, in alignment with this post title, I have started a fabulous school-is-ending-so-let's-celebrate book called The Secret Lives of Dresses. It's fairly new and I'd heard some good things about it, so I thought I would give it a shot since I like clothes, vintage styling, and books with potential to become rom-com movies. I am only a couple chapters in, and it is everything I want it to be, and more. If you tend to wait until the movie to see such wonderful tales, I anticipate that you won't be waiting very long. Yeah, it is that good.

Happy weekend everyone!


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