Friday, November 19, 2010

At Least My Feet Are Covered

It has been a while since I've had a fashion Friday, but since I have a bit of a fashion conundrum, I figured I would post my problem here, like a good blogger, and seek the wisdom of my readers.

Every year, Stephen's National Guard unit hosts a Christmas-time event. This year the event is in Sacramento, which should be a fun change from Visalia (no offense to Visalians). They call this event a "ball." This is deceiving.

There is no dancing. There isn't even any music. It's just a dinner and slide show and speeches and lots of men yelling "Hoo-ah!" repeatedly. Not very Cinderella-esque, but I'll let them call it what they want. They defend our country and all that jazz.

Also unlike Cinderella, I have no fairy godmother to produce for me the perfect gown in the perfect shade of blue to match my eyes. It's formal attire required, but I (sigh) have nothing to wear. Such a basic life conundrum, really, and not at all limited only to "balls."

But with the event in two weeks, I think I need to get it figured out--and figured out before everyone is out shopping every second of every day. Anyone know of any good, affordable places to find formal attire?

Thanks for your help, you fairy godmothers you.

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