Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The St. Crispin Crisp, and Other Funny Phrases

Since I'm doing a lot more cooking and baking lately, and because I like learning more about the saints, I thought I'd briefly share another kitchen adventure with a lesson about faith.

And this adventure involves ice cream, so stick around.

Yesterday, October 25, was the feast of the French evangelist, St. Crispin. I learned this from one of my favorite blogs, Waltzing Matilda, who posted a delicious-sounding recipe on Catholic Cuisine. This post of hers featured a St. Crispin Apple Crisp.

Which it is. It absolutely is. This is the crust you have been waiting for, the crust you thought you could never recreate, the crust that haunts your dreams. All pies, tarts, crumbles, cobblers and pastry-like items that I can try to make with this crust will be made.


(Thanks for sticking with me after that awkward last sentence.)

The faith lesson you ask? Well, only a world that our good Lord has designed could allow you to apply flour, dairy and a little heat to this:

And get this:

(This is your cue to be upset that you don't live in my house.)

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