Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jen & Julie & Julia

Over the weekend, Stephen and I rented Julie & Julia. We rented it for several reasons. These reasons and their tangent-like paragraphs (none of which seemed large enough when I started this post to justify their own post) are below:

-I had not seen this movie yet, and it was basically the perfect movie for me (please see other reasons).

-Stephen thought it would lift my spirits a bit after a rough week. And, it really did. Light-hearted whimsy + movie about food + real-life food = excellent evening at home.

-We were amused at the idea of blogging about something for a whole year. I loved the idea of working my way through a cookbook, taking the no-excuses route and sharing your triumphs and failures with the blogosphere. Heck, some of my favorite blogs are those with such a specialty, like New Dress A Day, or a cooking theme, like Smitten Kitchen.

-I love anything "vintage." If you want to sell it to me, tell me it's vintage, or traditional, or classic, or some other synonym that basically means enduring and awesome all at once. Endursome. Yeah, endursome. This movie was full of endursome-ness.

-I love Julia Child. Her mannerisms, her tone of voice, her stature--everything about her makes me smile. I would rather learn cooking from her for only 30 seconds than to have Emeril yell Batman-esque words at me for an entire hour. Having her so accurately portrayed by Meryl Streep to endure for all cinema history is quite a treat (and, thankfully, we have Julia herself captured on film, teaching as she loved to do).

-I love to cook. I don't just love it because at the end, I am fed. I love the creating part of it, the part where the final dish becomes more than the sum of its individual ingredients. It might be one of the few things where you can be both technical and creative. You can be reassured that your recipe, with its precise measurements, will, in fact, make the exact dish promised at the top of the recipe card. At the same time, you can feel the recipe subtly allowing you creative freedom, assuring you access to any potential number of successes if you add a little of this, a pinch of that. It's a glorious mix that exemplifies how we should handle things in life: logically, but with faith in improvisation.

-(Please see first reason.)

Overall, I recommend Julie & Julia for any and all occasions.

Except maybe when you are on a diet. No promises, there.

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