Monday, September 6, 2010

How Many Miles To The Sugar Shack?

I stepped into cupcake nirvana this weekend.

I spent part of the Labor Day weekend with my sister Stephanie. During the week we had talked about doing something over the weekend, but when it finally came we got into a bit of a funk. To avoid from getting lazy-crazy at home all day Saturday, I forced Stephanie out to lunch and to run some errands with me.

On our drive out, something caught our eye.

Correction. As we drove past it at 30 miles per hour, a tiny glimmer of pink no bigger than a beach ball and no closer than 100 feet caught Stephanie’s eye.

A new gourmet cupcake and frozen yogurt shop, called the Sugar Shack, had opened up at Sommerville and Perrin, and we had spotted its fabulous sign.


Suddenly, the weekend funk vanished. Stephanie’s attitude changed. The newly-discovered prospect of enjoying a cupcake upon completion of errands had her quite chippered-up.

It was seriously a treat for us both. We walked in late Saturday afternoon to a sassy grayish-blue parlor with sweets on all sides. Yogurt dispensers on the left promised New York cheesecake and Irish mint. Doses of pink accented the ribbon-wrapped cake stands on the right. Mondo-sized and single-serving cupcakes lovingly taunt you behind glass. And they have “Frosting Shots” at twenty-five cents a pop.

I think my heart stopped.

Had we been missing this place all along? No, owner Janelle said they had been open only a day.

And, like dorks, we cheered when we heard that. Cheered.

I think we were happy both for this new business opening up and for the fact that we were one of the first people to discover it. Oh, and we probably subconsciously cheered for the sugar rush we were about to experience.

We can testify that both the yogurt and the cupcakes were spectacular. In particular, we devoured a white cupcake with blackberry syrup across delicious frosting, and got through most of a red velvet with cream cheese frosting before lapsing into a sugar coma.

Red velvet

What's left of the white cake with blackberry

I'm not big on just frosting, but this might convert me.

It seriously bums me out that I can’t link you to their website (they don’t have one—yet). However, go visit them. Eat their food. Chat with the staff. You will definitely enjoy talking with the authentically-nice Janelle. She even shared with us some things that they may and up doing soon, like flavors of the day (so you can know when specific treats, like margarita-flavored cupcakes, will appear). And who knows, their efforts may grow into something like a Twitter account sharing what they’re making for the day with their predicted legions of followers.

Either way, it’s nirvana.

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