Monday, August 22, 2011

School's Back in Session

Hello out there! Apparently I went on an unplanned summer blog hiatus, as my last post was over two months ago. Like I'm guessing you had, I have had a very busy summer. Here's a bit of what I have been up to:

-It feels like every weekend had a birthday, party, or holiday, and I was finally able to visit my sister at her work in Disneyland. She is having a blast working in the happiest place on earth, and it wasn't too bad getting to spend a day in the park with her, either. My autumn weekends look like they will be just as busy, too. Good thing I have the work week to recover.

-I have been doing a lot of cooking lately (um, like always, actually). I have decided that I will be keeping a food diary of what I'm cooking with notes about what that food or recipe means to me. I will be sharing family memories, the special occasions at which we have this food, and anyone I cook with. This will be off the Internet, but I am thinking I will occasionally share the recipes as well as the notes here on the blog. Would you be interested in that?

-I have been taking some classes, including learning more about my faith at church, and I am about to start learning American Sign Language and taking another Bible study (super excited about both of these). And, this week Stephen and I finish up our introductory fencing lessons. That's right, fencing. Like with swords. I will have a larger post about what we have learned, and a bit of fencing humor for you guys in the next couple weeks, but I will tell you that it is just as fun as you expect it to be, and I highly recommend you make a "point" (eh? EH?) to try it for yourself! If you are in the Fresno-area, we went here, and recommend it very highly!

I plan to blog a bit more than I have been. I know you've heard this promise before, but I am ready (and really wanting to) get back into my writing routine. I miss writing and I miss the awesome feedback I get from anyone who reads about my crazy life.

See you very soon!

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